John Keydash

Jensen Beach, FL

My wife and I were recently shopping at D&B Tile in PSL where one of the sales representatives told us about Tile-Grip. Thank you. We explained to the representative that our home has older bathrooms. The tile adjacent to the showers and the tiled master bath have always been very slippery. We have invested a small fortune in mats, area rugs, and even a grab rail after I fell and sprained an ankle. The problem, as you might guess, was never solved and that is what we explained to the man at your store. He was very patient and courteous and told us about Tile-Grip. This is an amazing product. It is easy to apply and it works! Both my wife and I no longer are afraid of the showers, and we threw out the moldy mats and useless area rugs. Thanks again.

Tim Carroll

Affordable Floor Service

Dear Sir or Madam,

I have been in the Tile & Restoration business for over ten years. In that time I have seen many floors that when wet they were dangerous to walk or stand on.  In my research to improve the slip condition I came across the product TILE-GRIP carried by D&B Tile in West Palm Beach. I have been treating slippery floors with Tile-Grip since. It is not difficult to apply and works as advertised. Now, when customers ask if I can do something about slippery tile I say yes. I am able to make floors safer to walk on. I have used it in both Residential and Commercial building. 


Tim Carroll

561 632 9824


K. Varner

Boca Raton, FL

I would like to thank your sales team for recommending that I treat the tile in my shower with Tile-Grip anti slip solution. For more than 5 years, the floor in my shower was very slippery and somewhat dangerous when in use. I recently purchased a bottle and treated the tile as directed on the label. It was unbelievable how easy it was to do. The tile is not slippery anymore and I’m not longer concerned about falling. This is a very good product and I feel certain when I decide to purchase floor tile your store will get priority.

George Apakian

D&B Tile

D&B Tile Distributors has been selling TILE GRIP for approx. 12 years to our customers. The product has been a definite asset to minimize the chance of someone slipping on a wet tile surface. We will continue to sell it as a benefit to our customers to save them from potential slip & fall situations.