What is TILE GRIP?

TILE GRIP was developed to improve the coefficient of friction on walking areas that are slippery when wet. Materials such as: ceramic tile, marble, quarry tile, terrazzo, stone, porcelain and smooth concrete can now be safer to walk on.

TILE GRIP is a liquid Bio-degradable solution that creates a microscopic tread that increases the coefficient of friction on various types of natural materials such as, Marble, Ceramic Tile, Quarry Tile, Travertine, smooth Concrete, Porcelain Tubs and Porcelain Tile. When treated as prescribed the area will meet or exceed the requirements of the American Disabilities Act.

Floors can be treated without sandpaper like coatings or concern of discoloration. It is not to be used on metals, fiberglass, wood or any resin type products.

TILE GRIP is also recommended for porcelain bathtubs and showers. This is an effective treatment that works by creating microscopic pores on the treated surface. These pores create a vacuum effect when wet, therefore improving traction, reducing slippery conditions and preventing injury from slip and falls. It is recommended that very heavy traffic areas be treated annually.

TILE-GRIP is easy to apply, safe to use, and environment friendly. Its effects are long-lasting but regular cleaning maintenance is required for continued resistance. Clean surfaces only with acid-free and non abrasive cleaners only.

A pH of 8.5 – 9.5 are best. (NO bleach, ammonia, vinegar or acid cleaners should be used). Wax products and sealers will clog the microscopic pores and a slippery condition can return.

* Newly installed Tile or Marble:
Should not be treated for at least 30 days from day of installation. Previously installed older floors can be treated right away and walked on when treatment is completed. For more information, send a note to info@tilegripantislip.com or call (561) 313-0375

Advantages of TILE GRIP over other treatments

  • TILE GRIP is a one step process. 
  • It does not discolor tile when applied.
  • There is little to no odor when treating floors. Breathing equipment isn’t required when being applied. 
  • TILE GRIP isn’t painted on as with some abrasive filled products. 
  • TILE GRIP does not leave a gritty sandpaper type surface on the floor. 
  • TILE GRIP can be easily applied by any person, not recommended for children. 
  • TILE GRIP is economical and competitively priced. The cost of Tile Grip only amounts to .22 cents per. Sq. ft.